Nasty little critters

I have had a particularly nasty problem recently – bed bugs. I was left with a rash and spots all over my leg before I discovered what was causing it.

So I thought I might share a few nasty things and heopfull helpful thinsg I have discovered the ‘hard way’ about bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small and flat parasitic insects that exclusively feed on the hosts’ blood (animals or people) while they’re asleep. They’re reddish-brown, between 1mm-7mm in size, have no wings and can survive for several months without feeding. To find out more about these nasty insects visit

Where are they found?

The insects are found all over the world; from South America to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Although infestation of bed bugs has traditionally been a problem in third world countries, it has been rapidly spreading to United States, Europe, Canada and the UK.

There have been reports of bed bugs found in exclusive resorts as well as five star hotels, since their presence is not necessarily determined by cleanliness (or lack thereof) of living conditions where they’re found.

Infestations generally occur near or around places where people sleep, such as; apartments, dorm rooms, shelters, trains, rooming houses, buses, hotels and cruise ships, among others.

During the day, they hide in places like; seams of mattresses, behind wallpapers, box springs, inside crevices/ cracks, bed frames, dresser tables and headboards.

According to scientists, the insects have capacity to travel more than 100 feet at night, but they generally live within a radius of eight feet (of where their hosts sleep). See natural ways to get rid of vermin

Do bed bugs spread any diseases?

According to scientists, the insects do not spread any diseases. However, they cause great discomfort since their bites cause loss of sleep and severe itching. The itching often causes excessive scratching which significantly increase chances of secondary skin infection.

Bed bug bites affect people in different ways. Some people exhibit no physical signs, while others exhibit small bite marks. Others suffer from serious allergic reactions such as enlarged bite marks, anaphylaxis or painful swellings that may require medical attention.

bed bugs
bed bug bites

How to identify infestation

Infestation of the insects can be identified by bite marks on faces, hands, necks, arms and other parts of the body. However, development of the bite marks may occur after a long period (up to 2 weeks).

Therefore, it’s advisable to look for other tell-tale signs when there’s need to establish whether or not bed bugs have infested a particular area. Some of the signs are;

  1. Presence of exoskeletons (after molting process).
  2. Sweet musty odor.
  3. Presence in sheets and mattresses.
  4. Rusty blood spots (because of excretion of blood filled fecal matter).

According to scientists, the insects are extremely good in hiding. They have slim bodies which enable them to fit into very small places where they can effectively conceal themselves.

They are transported from one place to another by people who are travelling. They also travel in folds and seams of luggage, furniture, overnight bags, bedding, folded clothes and many other places. See link to find out How big are bed bugs? – see pictures to compare their size

Prevention and treatment

The most effective way of treating bites is by application of antiseptic lotions or creams. Antihistamine drugs are administered to people who suffer from serious allergic reactions as a result of being bitten by the insects.

Infestation can be prevented by regular inspection in places they love hiding. If infestation has already occurred, then they can be eliminated by spraying insecticides in affected areas.

Tips on how to Get financially fit in 2016


With the year 2016 still new in our minds, it is actually the right time for new beginnings. For most people, it is the time to reflect on where they are in life and where they want to be as the year ends. That is a great idea if you need to live a proper life. Indeed, we must have valid dreams, hopes, and goals. However, all is not worth if you do not have an action plan to guide and help you achieve those goals, dreams, and hopes. Perhaps, if you have financial success, you will probably achieve your outlined action plan and it is indeed one step closer to achieving your dreams and hopes.

Besides making New Year financial resolutions, it is fundamental to come up with other fundamental fiscal tricks/tips to enable you to be stable financially. If this has been of great concern to you, then worry no more as the ultimate solution is herein. Without further ado, the following are some of the great ideas on how to get financially fit in 2016:

#1. Make sure to save specific amount of money on a regular interval

If you intend to finance a major project at the course of the year, you will probably need some plentiful of money. In most cases, people prefer lending money from financial institutions. This is a good idea, but the challenge is that you have to repay it with some interest in a later time. This will affect your financial stability. Nevertheless, you can still finance your new resolution projects be saving something small on a regular interval, say monthly. In fact, operating a saving account earns interest. Therefore, when the time to finance your project comes, you will have enough money to do so without straining your normal income.

#2. Make an automatic saving plan

If you are employed and entitled to salary at the end of every month, it is quite ideal if adopt automatic saving scheme. Indeed, you can submit a certain percentage of your paycheck deposited directly into a separate account. Some of the most common separate account include emergency fund, school/college savings plan, retirement account, and many more. As a matter of fact, having an automatic saving scheme is a sure of reducing undue spending.


#3. Spend less

If you want to be financially fit, then you have to reduce the rate of spending money. As such, you are advised to cut down expenses on nonessential wants (such as going to the movies and acquiring luxurious assets).

#4. Create a valid budget

The major reason as to why most people are not stable financially is because of impulse buying. It is highly advisable that you come up with a valid budget in a preference order. A budget is a document that guides you on your spending. Therefore, if you want to have money throughout the year without running broke, then budget your money and spend wisely.

#5. Pay off debt

If you servicing a debt from a financial institution(s), then you need to pay them promptly. You are advised to remain discipline and never fail to settle your debts as agreed by both parties. Remember, if you fail to do so, the debt in question will attract penalties or interest, which might render you unstable financially.

There is an endless list of ways to get financially fit in 2016. However, the above are the most achievable and common. Therefore, you are advised to start practicing them right away.

For more advice on saving money and staying out of debt, see the article below –

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Welcome to my new blog

Hi, I just wanted to welcome you to my new blog. Hope to post some things here soon as I aim to start writing in this new year of 2016.